Author: Nan Klingener

Coming soon to a computer screen near you

Daniel Menaker, the former executive editor in chief at Random House and former New Yorker fiction editor, has a new venture that will debut online next month, according to a story in the New York Times. The venture is a book chat show called “Titlepage,” which the story describes as part …Read More

A question of influences

At almost every literary event I’ve attended, writers are asked about their influences. This might get tiresome to them but it sometimes yields interesting results. At a panel (Friday? I think it was Friday), Billy Collins led a conversation with Kevin Young and Meghan O’Rourke. This was the occasion of …Read More

A little baseball trash talk

Gigi Amateau, a Virginian, loves the Red Sox. This, for some of us, requires no explanation but people ask for one anyway. Gigi wears a Red Sox hat at readings and encourages attendees to offer the tribal call of Red Sox Nation (“Yankees Suck!”). She loves the Sox, she says, …Read More

Blogging about blogging

At an interesting panel of new voices (titled “Where Are We Going?”) today, Lee Smith asked the panelists (Jake Silverstein, Janna Levin, Gigi Amateau and Silas House) a question: What about blogs? Her opinion is that “blogging is to writing like karaoke is to singing.”The panelists offered a range of …Read More

Introducing …

One of the cool things about the Seminar, as someone usually explains early on, is that we don’t do introductions. Everyone’s listed in the program and it saves a lot of time. Still, introductory remarks, even by the speakers themselves, often provide great moments. Yesterday there were two: Nell Freudenberger …Read More

A new beginning

Novelist Lee Smith delivered the John Hersey Memorial keynote address to start off the second session of the Seminar Thursday night and it was, in turn, funny and heartrending. Smith described her own journey to becoming a writer: “I think mostly we write because we’re good at it and we’re …Read More


Every year at the seminar, I see a few souls knitting. And I envy them. Though I am a knitter, I am still shy about knitting in public (known on knitting blogs — and yes there are more than a few knitting blogs — as KIP; if you don’t believe …Read More

Saturday day live

Some not-quite-random quotes from Saturday sessions:Vestal McIntyre, in a conversation with Edmund White and Patrick Ryan on gay voice in literature: “Most of us share the experience of growing up, guarding this secret, and you start wondering about everyone else’s secrets.”McIntyre also said in his family of seven children, four …Read More