Author: Nan Klingener

What’s new?

Judy Blume, beloved writer and KWLS board member, took the stage Friday afternoon for a conversation with Mary Hays. It turns out these two are old friends — Mary worked for Judy as an assistant back in 1978 — and Mary published a few stories in magazines back then. But …Read More

Off and talking …

Poet Mark Doty opened the 26th edition of the Seminar last night with the John Hersey Memorial Address, on why poetry matters, and will continue to matter. “Poetry goes on, no matter what, as long as people are breathing and speaking,” he said. He told us that poetry is the …Read More

New voices, old document

We’re getting excited here in Key West about hearing from lots of new voices — and just in time, New Voices panelist and program committee member James Gleick reminds us of the history and value of information, and the written word — specifically Magna Carta — in a story in …Read More

Hersey stamp

The late John Hersey, who was a writer of acclaimed works of fiction and nonfiction, including Hiroshima and the Pulitzer-winning A Bell for Adano, has a new honor: He’s featured on a U.S. postal service stamp. Hersey lived in Key West for many years and was a beloved member of …Read More

Molly Ivins

Many of us are mourning today the loss of Molly Ivins, the great Texas journalist who was a panelist at the Seminar in 2005. The topic that year was Humor and Ivins was, of course, hilarious. The New York Times (where Ivins worked for a spell but found the Gray …Read More

Stranger than fiction

Straight from the Key West Literary Seminar, Ian McEwan is in the news because the public has recently learned what he found out a few years ago: He has a long-lost brother. The story behind this is amazing and touching: wondrous strange indeed. For details check out this story in …Read More

selected out of context quotes from Sunday

A quote from “The Bowl is Already Broken” by Mary Kay Zuravleff: “She’d never make it as a mystic. She had too many errands.” Michael Cunningham: “I think of Walt Whitman as the last unstupid optimist, the last undeluded optimist … He was our Rumi, our whirling dervish.” Margaret Atwood …Read More

founding text

Yesterday, between a full day of events on the stage of the San Carlos and going to drink and nosh amongst Seward Johnson’s life-size 3-D recreations of Impressionist paintings at the Custom House, I stopped at home to walk the dog. I couldn’t resist pulling out my copy of Joyce …Read More