Author: Nick Vagnoni

“Not so fast”

On Friday afternoon Susan Shreve’s reading of a passage from her memoir was punctuated, with an almost eerie accuracy, by a brief power outage.

New Voices Photos: Day One

Uzodinma Iweala signs books. Lots of books… Jason readies the crowd for Patrick Ryan. Edmund White Mark Doty and others, front and center for Edmund White.

The KWLS Restaurant Guide

At some point during the upcoming Seminar weekends, you’ll probably get hungry (and thirsty). With that in mind, we (Nan, Mark, Jason, and Nick) have compiled a list of restaurants that are all within walking distance of two main Seminar strongholds–The San Carlos and The Eden House. We’ll likely be …Read More

Nell Freudenberger on Off The Page

New Voices panelist Nell Freudenberger was recently featured on Off The Page with host Carole Burns. Freudenberger names some of her favorite contemporary writers, and also talks about the differences she sees between writing short stories and writing novels: “A short story usually starts for me with a story that …Read More

Pre-Seminar Discussion

It would appear that two of the panelists from the upcoming Seminar have started a discussion already. Earlier this month, Slate literary editor and New Voices panelist Megan O’Rourke interviewed fellow 2008 panelist Junot Diaz about his new novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Here’s an excerpt: “In …Read More