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Anna Kushner

Anna Kushner, photo by Beowulf Sheehan
Anna Kushner, photo by Beowulf Sheehan

Anna Kushner translates from Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Her translated works include Leonardo Padura’s The Man Who Loved Dogs and Heretics; Guillermo Rosales’s The Halfway House and Leapfrog; and Norberto Fuentes’s The Autobiography of Fidel Castro. Her translation of the Guatemalan Truth Commission Report, edited by Daniel Rothenberg, was published in 2012 under the title Memory of Silence.

Álvaro Enrigue of the New York Times says Kushner’s translation of The Man Who Loved Dogs “brilliantly demonstrates her loyalty to the author’s voice. She nudges the English to give it a Cuban tone, respectful of the brutal efficiency of Mr. Padura’s Spanish, while never sacrificing the lyrical flourishes with which he occasionally bedazzles his readers.”

She has also translated for book-length publications, anthologies, literary magazines, and nonprofit organizations such as PEN American Center.

“Any act of translation is personal, for me, at least,” Kushner says in a Q&A in Guernica. “You can feel whether there is chemistry or not when you start to work with a text. For whatever reason, I’ve felt this chemistry with a larger number of Cuban authors than with authors from other countries.”

The daughter of Cuban exiles, Kushner was born in Philadelphia and first traveled to Cuba in 1999. She earned a degree in Spanish literature and international relations from the University of Pennsylvania and holds a master’s degree from Columbia University.

Her creative writing has appeared in Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web 2008, Crab Orchard Review, Ep;phany literary journal, and Wild River Review. She was a finalist for the John Guyon Literary Nonfiction Prize in 2008. She has called the cities of Paris, Seville, and Madrid home and is now based in New York City.

selected bibliography

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The Man Who Loved Dogs by Leonardo Padura
The Man Who Loved Dogs (2014)
Memory of Silence, translated by Anna Kushner

Memory of Silence (2012)
The Autobiography of Fidel Castro by Norberto Fuentes

The Autobiography of Fidel Castro (2009)

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