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D.T. Max

D.T. Max is the author of Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace. Written with access to hundreds of unpublished letters, manuscripts, and audio tapes, Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story presents a fresh, intimate, and heartbreaking study of the brilliant novelist whose suicide in 2008 shocked the literary community.

Max’s book has been a national bestseller and is one of the most widely admired biographies of the year. In an interview in the Believer, Max discussed the intense experience of writing about Wallace’s life, a process in which he was joined by many of Wallace’s family and friends. “People brought what they felt I needed to know to me. It was his friends and family trying to reconstruct a person who was gone. There were so many people in deep grief when I began and talking to me was in part a way to begin to deal with that grief. The book gains some of its energy from an exercise in communal remembering.”

As a writer for the New York Times Magazine, Max was known for the incisive, microscopic gaze he directed at his subjects and for a stance of empathy without sentimentality. His cover story on the collaborative and controversial relationship between novelist Raymond Carver and his editor Gordon Lish is one of the most widely read pieces of literary journalism of the past twenty years. Max is also the author of The Family That Couldn’t Sleep, a medical and cultural investigation of Fatal Familial Insomnia, which centered on an afflicted family in the Veneto.

A graduate of Harvard University and a staff writer at the New Yorker, Max lives in Montclair, New Jersey with his wife, Sarah, an editor at Newsweek, their two young children, and a rescued beagle who came to them named Max.

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