Ron Hansen

33rd annual Key West Literary Seminar

HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN: Literature of the Spirit
January 8–11, 2015

Ron Hansen grew up in Omaha and attended Creighton University, The University of Iowa’s Writers Workshop, Stanford University, and Santa Clara University. He is the author of eight novels, including Desperadoes, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Mariette in Ecstasy, Hitler’s Niece, Exiles, and most recently A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion, as well as a children’s book and A Stay Against Confusion: Essays on Faith & Fiction. Twice nominated for a PEN/Faulkner Award, he was a finalist for the National Book Award for his novel Atticus, and is a recipient of an Award in Literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Scribner published his She Loves Me Not: New & Selected Stories in 2012. Married to the novelist Bo Caldwell, Ron is Director of Creative Writing at Santa Clara University where he is the Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J. Professor in the Arts and Humanities.

Selected Bibliography

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Hitler’s Niece (1999)
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“Then I knelt heedfully upright and mentally prayed as we’d been instructed to do, some scared and scientific part of me assaying myself for chemical reactions or a sudden infusion of wisdom while fancying Christ now sitting dismally in my scoundrel soul, my oh so many sins pooling like sewer water at his sandaled feet. But soon I saw that I was still me; there would be no howls of objection, no immediate correction or condemnation, no hint that I was under new management, just the calming sense that whoever I was was fine with Jesus.
    “It was a grace I hadn’t imagined.” (Ron Hansen, A Stay Against Confusion: Essays on Faith and Fiction)

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