teacher & librarian scholarships

We will award up to twenty full scholarships to teachers and librarians who wish to attend our annual Seminar. We seek a diverse group of individuals who are making a positive impact upon readers in their communities, and we hope that participation in our literary community will inspire fresh engagement with literature in schools and libraries around the country.

Scholarship recipients will gain exposure to contemporary authors and texts, expand their professional network of teachers, librarians, and writers, and be inspired to bring new ideas to the institutions and communities they serve. Through tours of the Key West Public Library and its archives and visits to historical sites, they will engage with the local resources and history that animate the KWLS mission.

Scholarship packages include a full waiver of the Seminar registration fee of $575, and need-based financial assistance to offset lodging costs.

Priority will be given to those who have not previously received KWLS support.


The deadline to apply for the 2018 Seminar was June 15. Details about the 2018-19 application period will be available in spring 2018.

Learn more about this year’s scholarship recipients.

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We will begin accepting applications for the 2019 Seminar in March 2018.

Luncheon at the Key West Library for 2017 Teacher & Librarian Scholarship recipients. Photo by Freya Hendrickson.
“The sessions that involved conversations on race are especially relevant to my community, and I look forward to discussing those themes with our library patrons through additional programming … Thanks to my interactions with the other scholarship recipients, as well as other attendees who were/are librarians, I learned quite a bit about recording oral histories and their value in a library setting and their value to a community.”
-Julianne Tillis, 2017 scholarship recipient
“I’m so inspired to share the work of the presenters with my students in the future. The seminar affirmed the value of teaching literature and writing to marginal groups.”
-Kristine Mietzner, 2017 scholarship recipient
“I admire how KWLS recognizes and advances the importance of literature as it relates to place. It was terrific to visit local historic and literary sites, and those experiences will really help me with the project of place-based storytelling in my own community. I’m also developing new program ideas for our library in central Idaho, from speakers to invite (Teju Cole! Thomas Mallon! Stephen Carter!), to program format, to communication materials and marketing.”
-Jenny Emery Davidson, 2017 scholarship recipient
“I made a lot of great connections at the seminar, including getting to meet Ann Beattie, Deborah Eisenberg, and Brenda Wineapple. Ann helped me figure out how to write about certain political figures. Deborah suggested I see her in New York. And Brenda invited me to take a workshop with her at Columbia. How about that! If it wasn’t for the convivial atmosphere of Key West and the accessibility of all the panelists, I’m not sure I would have had any of these one-on-one conversations.”
– Amelia Blanquera, 2017 scholarship recipient