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L I T T O R A L : the journal of the Key West Literary Seminar

Claudia Rankine and Kevin Young on Influence in Art and Poetry

The Friday session of the 2016 Key West Literary Seminar was capped off by a conversation between poets Claudia Rankine and Kevin Young, moderated by P. Scott Cunningham, a poet himself and also the director of the O, Miami Poetry Festival. The talk, titled “Art from Art from Life: Poetry & …Read More

Billy Collins on Walt Whitman, Buddy Holly, and Poetry’s Visible Games

The second full day of the 2016 Key West Literary Seminar began with a talk by Billy Collins entitled “Visible Games: Poetry in the Aftermath of Rhyme and Meter.” To connect his talk to the theme of this year’s Seminar, Collins reminded us all that poets are the “kings and …Read More

Pico Iyer & Barry Lopez on Wonder

Sunday morning Pico Iyer and Barry Lopez took the stage at the San Carlos Institute with a conversation entitled “Wonder: Entering and Exiting the Great Mystery.” Both authors travel frequently and extensively to write about their discoveries in humanity as outsiders in foreign lands. As an introduction, Iyer noted the …Read More

Mark Doty on Desire and Longing

On Saturday morning, Mark Doty gave a talk on desire and longing, a topic, he admitted, that he was somewhat surprised to have been assigned. When he reviewed his selected poems, however, he said he was also surprised to find that much of his work did deal with desire and …Read More

A Reading With Steve Stern

It seems fitting that some hours before Steve Stern took the podium at the 2015 Key West Literary Seminar, Jane Hirshfield and Barry Lopez discussed the idea of the trickster figure. We need trickster, they proclaimed. Someone has to shake things up, and more often than not, that burden falls on …Read More

Compassion, Joni Mitchell, & Dick Cheney

The first morning of the 2015 Key West Literary Seminar was filled with discussions of compassion. Wally Lamb began his reading on Friday by talking about Joni Mitchell, and her song “The Magdalene Laundries” in particular. Lamb read a version of an essay that wove Mitchell’s lyrics with his own …Read More

Opening Night w/ Paul Winter Consort

“How the Light Gets In: Literature of the Spirit” began Thursday night with a marquee music-and-poetry performance featuring the Paul Winter Consort. All photos by Nick Doll.

Thirty-third Seminar Underway

Registrants for the 33rd annual Seminar began checking in at the San Carlos Institute on Thursday afternoon before climbing aboard trolleys for the ride to the Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center. Images of the opening night readings and concert coming soon… All photos by Nick Doll.