Elephants, Apes, Chickens

Elephants, Apes, Chickens

Last Saturday, Sara Gruen (above) read from her novel Water for Elephants and then wrapped up her reading by briefly discussing her upcoming novel, Ape House, which deals with a family of language-capable bonobo apes. Such primates do exist, Sara told us, and they communicate by way of a specialized computer. I bring this up because last week The Key West Citizen ran a letter from Katha Sheehan, proprietor of The Chicken Store, in which Sheehan expresses similar hopes for chickens. Sheehan writes: “I intend to introduce chickens (and other animals) to technology.” She concludes: “My prediction is this: By Jan. 1, 2050, animals will be buying and selling stuff on eBay. Be there.”

(If the Citizen link expires, the letter is also available on The Green Parrot Bar No Sniveling Zone.)

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