From the Nets

From the Nets

Photo by Arthur Rothstein, 1915

Fresh catch from around the web:

• Julia Child was a spy. George Orwell has a blog. The notebooks of Thomas Jefferson record the dates on which his flowers bloomed. All this and maps, maps, and more maps on the blog of the American Historical Association.

• 2009 speaker Allan Gurganus takes on Thomas Eakins’s portrait of Walt Whitman in an essay for The American Scholar.

• 2009 speaker Francisco Goldman wins the inaugural WOLA-Duke Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America.

• Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York chronicles the two essential moments of Babar’s creation: when Jean de Brunhoff and, years later, his son Laurent, set down their initial thoughts on paper.

• The flickr page of the Monroe County Public Library incudes newly added tracings of Key West gingerbread, and a fascinating collection of nearly 600 military passes issued to civilian workers in Key West during WWI.

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