Lanford Wilson, 1937-2011

Lanford Wilson, 1937-2011

Lanford Wilson photo by Diane Gorodnitzk.
Photo by Diane Gorodnitzki

Lanford Wilson died this week. The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright was 73.

Wilson participated in the Seminar twice, first in 1986 for an event dedicated to the work of Tennessee Williams; and again in 1990, for “New Directions in American Theater.” He served as an adviser to our board for the latter, and in this capacity wrote the letter reproduced here to then-director Monica Haskell. The “very private comments” it contains consist of frank, snapshot assessments of Wilson’s peers—among them Don DeLillo, Christopher Durang, Wendy Wasserstein, JoAnne Aikalitis, Terrance McNally, and August Wilson. Click the image below to read the letter in its entirety.

Letter from Lanford Wilson: "A few very private comments about the people you are asking down. Delillo wrote one very strange play and he's know, I guess, but he is hardly a theater person..."
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