New Admission in Rosenberg Case

New Admission in Rosenberg Case

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, separated by heavy wire screen as they leave U.S. Court House after being found guilty by jury. World Telegram photo by Roger Higgins.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after being found guilty by jury / World Telegram photo by Roger Higgins.

In an interview with The New York Times, Morton Sobell, a co-defendant in the 1951 espionage case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, has admitted to passing on military secrets to the Soviets. Sobell, 91, who fled to Mexico before the trial and later served time in Alcatraz, had maintained his innocence for more than half a century. The article includes reactions from Robert Meeropol, the youngest son of the Rosenbergs, who were executed by the federal government at Sing Sing in 1953. Meeropol, his brother Michael Meeropol, and Michael’s daughter, Ivy Meeropol, have each made significant contributions to the research on the Rosenberg case, which, as today’s article shows, continues to test previously accepted versions of history. We’re proud to present Michael and Ivy Meeropol together in Key West this January, as we examine Historical Fiction and The Search for Truth.

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