25th Annual Key West Literary Seminar - January 11-14, 2007

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"Wondrous Strange: Mystery, Intrigue, and Psychological Drama"
January 11-14, 2007

Aimee Bender
PANELIST Aimee Bender

"Bender's world is strange and fabulous, an ultravivid, matter-of-fact presentation of extraordinary circumstances and bizarre fulfullments ... Declarative and telegraphic, Bender's stories read like modern fables -- with a healthy sense of twisted humor thrown in for good measure."
~ /Village Voice Literary Supplement

Through her fiction, Bender oscillates between the realms of the physical and the emotional, between the mundane and the sublime. Her stories lie on the edge between all-too-familiar daily reality and another level of consciousness; they speak of the magic of these in-between spaces, when the body is directed by the mind's secret dreams. According to Freud, dreams function as sites of distorted truths; in Bender's fiction, magic, a distortion of reality, thus becomes truth.
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Aimee Bender is the author of "The Girl in the Flammable Skirt" and "An Invisible Sign of My Own". Her short fiction has been published in "Harper's", "Granta", "GO", "The Paris Review", "McSweeney's" and other publications. She lives in Los Angeles, right near Golden Apple comic books, a fine establishment.

Aimee Bender's stories are a breath of fresh air. Playful, inventive, and full of surprises, her modern fairy tales are an absolute joy to read. They have all of the power and energy of a great rock song, yet possess a thoughfulness and depth that is rare for such a young writer.

A grief-stricken librarian decides to have sex with every man who enters her library. A young woman's boyfriend experiences reverse evolution. An imp and a mermaid engage in a most unusual romance. These are just some of the plots that comprise this thrilling debut collection. Her world is slightly surreal, infectiously fun, and deeply moving.

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