25th Annual Key West Literary Seminar - January 11-14, 2007

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"Wondrous Strange: Mystery, Intrigue, and Psychological Drama"
January 11-14, 2007

Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan is contemporary fiction's black magician. In novel after novel, beginning with "The Cement Garden" (1978), his crisp, almost clinically precise prose -- part Kafka, part "Lord of the Flies"-era William Golding -- sucks you into worlds that spin with violence, sexual aberration and paranoia. In the U.K., where he was among British fiction's angriest young men of the 1970s, he's long been dubbed Ian Macabre.

McEwan is now 50, and the "Macabre" label fits him less snugly. In person he is amiable and almost shy. And after years of exploring such subjects as sadomasochistic intrigue (in 1981's "The Comfort of Strangers") and children who lapse into feral states (in "The Cement Garden"), his fiction has come to seem more open and humane -- while losing none of its potency. "Not many things in life get better as you get older," McEwan says. Writing, he implies, is one of them.
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