25th Annual Key West Literary Seminar - January 11-14, 2007

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"Wondrous Strange: Mystery, Intrigue, and Psychological Drama"
January 11-14, 2007

Amy Tan

"My sister Kwan believes she has yin eyes. She sees those who have died and now dwell in the World of Yin, ghosts who leave the mists just to visit her kitchen on Balboa Street in San Francisco. 'Libby-ah,' she'll say to me. 'Guess who I see yesterday, you guess.' And I don't have to guess that she's talking about someone dead."

So begins Amy Tan's third novel, The Hundred Secret Senses. Although it has flown up the best-seller lists in the month since its release, the book is a risky departure for the 43-year-old writer, with its emphasis on spirits, magical time-shifts and other unearthly phenomena.
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