Gopnik, Mones join revamped Audio Archive

06/10/2011  by Arlo Haskell  Comment on this Post

After completing a quiet-but-thorough redesign of our online audio archive, we’re pleased to let you know about the addition of two new recordings.

Adam Gopnik’s “The Rituals of Taste” preserves his keynote address from the 2011 Seminar, “The Hungry Muse.” This tour-de-force lecture examines two ideas of taste: one, the way a thing tastes in the mouth; and two, taste as an indicator of cultural sensibility. Moving from his account of a 37-course meal at elBulli to a primer on Veblenian economic theory, Gopnik concludes that “mouth taste” and “moral taste” are inextricable from one another. Proof, if you still needed it, that we really are what we eat.

In “Chinese Culture through Food,” Nicole Mones explores how the food and culinary customs of a particular country can reveal a larger sense of its culture and history. With examples from the Chinese city of Hangzhou, where traditional dishes are named after poets and poems, Mones discusses the intellectual substructure of Chinese cuisine and elucidates the culinary implications of guanxi, a term that signifies the connectedness between all things.

We hope you like the new look and functionality of the archive. You can now sort recordings by last name or year and we think the overall experience is a whole lot better. Recordings will no longer appear hear on Littoral, but we’ll be sure to post a link when there’s something new. As with any redesign, there are a few odds and ends we plan to fix in the v.1.1. If there’s anything you’d like to see, please let us know.


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