1st Session Sold Out – 2nd Session Still Open

1st Session Sold Out – 2nd Session Still Open


Session One of this year’s Seminar is now sold out.

There is still time to register for Session Two of our 29th annual Seminar, The Hungry Muse: An Exploration of Food in Literature. Panelists at the second session, January 13-16, 2011, are Elizabeth Berg, Roy Blount Jr., Kate Christensen, Billy Collins, John T. Edge, Adam Gopnik, Gael Greene, Jane Hirshfield, Madhur Jaffrey, Mark Kurlansky, David Mas Masumoto, Nicole Mones, Bich Minh Nguyen, Molly O’Neill, Michael Ruhlman, Patrick Symmes, Calvin Trillin, and Kevin Young.

This will be a mouthwatering investigation not simply of the stuff we eat, but of all the things food stands for in our lives. Click here for the complete schedule of events, here to learn more about our panelists, and here to register.

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