Calvin Baker Confirmed for 2nd Session

Calvin Baker Confirmed for 2nd Session

We are happy to announce the addition of Calvin Baker to the second session of our 2009 Seminar: Historical Fiction and The Search for Truth. Calvin Baker was born in Chicago, attended the University of Chicago Lab Schools, and graduated from Amherst College. At the age of twenty-three, he published Naming the New World, which Publishers Weekly called “brilliant,” saying Baker “proves himself a powerful new male voice in African American literature.” With his second novel, Once Two Heroes, and his third, Dominion, Baker has continued to garner acclaim from major media, including USA Today, The Village Voice, and GQ. Dominion was a finalist for the Hurston-Wright Award, as well as one of New York Newsday‘s Best Books of the Year. In 2005, Esquire Magazine named Baker one of the best young writers in America.

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Photograph of Calvin Baker © Henry Leutwyler

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