Curt Richter to Return with “Still and All”

Curt Richter to Return with “Still and All”

If you attended the Seminar in January, you may remember Curt Richter, the Helsinki-based American photographer who seemed to be everywhere each night. He was in town through the generosity of The Studios of Key West, which made Richter their first ever artist-in-residence and hosted an exhibit at the Armory of his show, Faces and Stories: A Portrait of Southern Writers. In laudable Key West style, Richter managed to attend much of the Seminar and most of the parties while also working diligently each day on a new series of portraits.

In January 2009, we’ve just learned, Richter will return to TSKW to debut Still and All, the result of those Key West portrait sessions. The details are, as yet, hushed. However, you can see a few of the portraits here and rest assured that we’ll be collaborating in some way with the good people at TSKW for this second Richter-go-round. I spoke with Richter on the phone the other day, and asked him where he got the idea for the title:

"Still and All" came to me while re-reading a Walker Percy novel this summer– The Moviegoer. The protagonist begins a sentence with that superfluous preface, which I hadn’t heard anyone say for years. It’s out of fashion now, an old dialect. As a title, it worked perfectly. Why? I don’t know– I’m a moviegoer, I’ve always been a moviegoer, and these are still photographs. A lot of people begin a sentence with ‘uhh…’ or "like…" "Still and all" sounded a lot better.

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