Douglas Coupland, Works

Douglas Coupland, Works

Here’s more of Douglas Coupland’s visual work, grabbed from his website and Monte Clark Gallery’s. Enjoy.

Douglas Coupland, Thomson no.7
"Thomson no. 7 (Stormy Sky)"; Unique pigment print, 28 x 35.5 in
Douglas Coupland, Theoretical Postage Stamp
"Theoretical postage stamp: Japanese National Parks Series" (2011); Pigment print, 32 x 22 in
Douglas Coupland, Warflowers
"Warflowers"; two of a series of 10; Backlit Duratrans photos installed into ten separate streetcar stops, Queen Street, Toronto, ON; 84 x 54 in
Douglas Coupland, Global Thermonuclear War
"Global Thermonuclear War" (2010); Pigment Print, 13 x 17 in
Douglas Coupland, Factory
"Factory" (2002); Wood and lacquer

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