From the Nets

From the Nets

Purse seine boats fishing for Menhadden
Purse seine boats fishing for menhaden. Photo by Robert K. Brigham, courtesy NOAA's Fisheries Collection.

On our way to the sill of the world, we’ve been trolling. Here’s what we’re catching:

• KWLS 28 will feature six past U.S. Poets Laureate as well as the current Laureate, Kay Ryan. The Library of Congress Poetry Home page is a wonderful resource for learning about the office and the many projects past Laureates have undertaken.

• Their $100 million’s lost some value, no doubt, but The Poetry Foundation was wise to invest it in their website, which is far and away the most comprehensive resource to American poetry, poets, and poems in existence.

• Two standout blogs for all things poetry are Ron Silliman’s and Edward Byrne’s, aka One Poet’s Notes, aka the Valparaiso Poetry Review.

• The Paris Review’s 1977 interview with Richard Wilbur and the 2008 one with Kay Ryan.

• And don’t forget the audio recordings in the poetry archives of our good friends at PennSound, including Yusef Komunyakaa and Harvey Shapiro, or these readings from our own archives: James Tate, Charles Simic, Richard Wilbur, and Billy Collins.

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