From the Nets

From the Nets

This week’s catch from around the web:

2009 KWLS panelist Gore Vidal talks to Melvyn Bragg of the UK Times Online about the ongoing, going, going Democratic primary season. Of Hillary Clinton’s endgame, Vidal says: "I think her strategy is more or less insane.”

Samantha Hunt, ’09 panelist and author of a new novel about inventor Nikola Tesla, talks with about Tesla’s eccentricities. For instance, "He had plans to build a ring around the equator so that just by staying stationary, you would be able to travel around the world in 24 hours."

And, from the online Wall Street Journal back in February– Barbara Chai published interviews from our 2008 Seminar with panelist Junot Díaz, keynote speaker Lee Smith, and program chair Robert Richardson. There’s also a collection of several short conversations with ’08 speakers Billy Collins, Kevin Young, Elisabeth Scharlatt, Jake Silverstein, and Silas House.

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