Margaret Atwood added to Workshop Faculty

Margaret Atwood added to Workshop Faculty

photo by George Whiteside

Acclaimed author Margaret Atwood is the latest addition to the faculty for our 2012 Writers’ Workshop Program. The Booker Prize-winner tells us her workshop, “The Time Machine Doorway,” will focus on first chapters, saying “The first chapter is the doorway to the book. It is always a time machine: When are we? It is also always a come-on: Lure us in! Of course, in order to write the opening chapter you will have to know quite a lot about the world you are inviting us to enter: Who’s talking? Where is this voice situated in relation to the events we’re about to follow?

Atwood’s workshop will be open to writers with some experience who are writing or wish to write a work set in the nearish future. Admission will be based on a writing sample, and class size will be limited to 12 participants.

Atwood joins fellow workshop instructors Paulette Bates Alden, Mary Morris, and Lee Smith. Read more about the program and find complete descriptions of each workshop @ More workshops to be announced later this week.

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