Richter to continue portraits @ KWLS 2010

Richter to continue portraits @ KWLS 2010

From top to bottom: William Kennedy,
Silas House, Annie Dillard, Billy Collins

Photographer Curt Richter arrives in Key West from Helsinki, Finland, this week to continue work on his new series of portraits of American writers.

Richter first visited Key West in 2008 as an Artist in Residence at The Studios of Key West. He set up a temporary portrait studio in the organization’s Mango Tree House, where he invited members of the community to sit before his camera. In partnership with the Key West Literary Seminar, Richter also photographed a number of the writers speaking at that year’s New Voices Seminar. A selection from hundreds of these portraits resulted in Still and All, a collaborative project combining 20 of Richter’s portraits with the literary talents of over a dozen writers, who penned fictional ‘biographies’ to accompany each portrait. Richter returned for last year’s Historical Fiction and the Search for Truth, arranging portrait sessions during the Seminar with writers including Gore Vidal, William Kennedy, and Barry Unsworth, as well as many members of the community.

Richter’s growing body of new portraits promises to join his Portrait of Southern Writers as one of our time’s compelling photographic records of American writers. We are delighted to welcome him back to Key West and the 28th annual Literary Seminar to continue this important project.

Time permitting, Richter will also be scheduling portraits with members of the community. Attendees of the Seminar may feel free to talk with Richter or Arlo Haskell to coordinate a session.

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