Scholarship Application Deadline is June 30

Scholarship Application Deadline is June 30

You don't have to be rich to join us in January...

UPDATED (9/1/12): We are continuing to grant limited financial support to teachers, librarians, writers, and students. Funds are being awarded on a rolling basis; applicants are urged to apply as soon as possible.

It costs good money to get to Key West, more money to stay in Key West, and then (ouch!) still more money to attend the seminar or a writers’ workshop once you are here. We know this unfortunate set of facts, and we sympathize, especially with teachers, librarians, writers, and students: chronically under-funded and fundamentally important to our literary culture. Here’s how we help:

All teachers, librarians, writers, and students are eligible to apply to our Scholarship Program, which subsidizes the cost of attending the seminar and/or a writers’ workshop. Subsidies range from $100 to the full cost of the program ($575 for the seminar; $450 for workshops). On occasion, we will also provide discounted lodging opportunities. All financial assistance is need-based.

Eleven Ten Nine Five Two days remain to meet the priority deadline for this year’s scholarship program, and the application is relatively simple. For teachers and librarians planning to attend the seminar, we ask only for a cover letter and brief letter of support. For writers and students, and anyone planning to attend one of our writers’ workshops, a short writing sample is also required. The complete guidelines are here.

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