Valerie Martin offers KWLS Workshop

Valerie Martin offers KWLS Workshop

Photo by Jerry Bauer

Critically acclaimed novelist Valerie Martin will return to Key West to teach a four-day advanced fiction writers’ workshop this January 11-14. Martin is the author of nine novels, including Mary Reilly, the Orange Prize-winning Property, and her newest work, The Confessions of Edward Day, which a reviewer in The New York Times Book Review last month called "Hitchcockian in its trenchant and perverse knowledge about the human animal." Martin is also the author of three collections of short fiction and a biography of St. Francis of Assisi, titled Salvation. Her awards include a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Kafka Prize.

Participants in Martin’s advanced fiction workshop will work on the critique and revision of a work-in-progress to bring it to a more complete and polished form. There are no limitations as to genre or subject matter, however a writing sample is required to determine acceptance. To learn more about Martin’s workshop click here; other workshops, with Billy Collins, Dara Wier, and E.J. Miller-Laino, can be found here.

Listen to Martin’s reading from Property at KWLS 27 in our audio archives.

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