Michael Maren

Have you ever wanted to write a screenplay but not known where to begin? This workshop starts with the basics: understanding structure, story/plot, and character. Through a series of in-class exercises, you will begin to master the tools of combining these elements into a screenplay.

Dani Shapiro

The most helpful writing workshops are ones in which the group acts as a single organism, its sole purpose being to help the piece of work at hand become its best possible self. Memoir, fiction – it’s all storytelling. Whether you’re bringing in pages of a memoir-in-progress or a work of fiction, we approach the page with an eye towards structure, character, voice, place, detail.

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

In this workshop, we will work to enhance simultaneously your imagination and your use of sound in order to take your poems to their next level. A poem is always about the relationship between its sonic and imaginative parts; this is what convinces the ear that the subject is not only real, but important.

Micol Ostow

As one of the newest, largest, and most diverse genres in the industry, it is often difficult to define young-adult literature. Through the examination and discussion of Y.A. craft techniques, this class will explore successful tools used to create the unique tone and momentum found in young-adult lit.

Daniel Menaker

The overall goal of the workshop is to learn some basic techniques of comic writing and to understand that all great writing, except maybe the sermons of Jonathan Edwards and Das Kapital, has comic elements, which tend ultimately to ease the human predicament of existing and not knowing why.

Kate Moses

This workshop is designed to be more generative and/or process-deepening in scope than revisionist, though writers with fact-based fictional works in progress are welcome.

Jennine Capó Crucet

In this workshop, we’re going to hunt down those words and tackle revision on the sentence level—all the while seeing how these choices change the story as a whole.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Humans are storytelling animals. But what is it about a narrative—short story, novel, essay, memoir?—that makes it, well, irresistible to read? In this workshop we will examine different elements—narrative, plot, action, dialogue—as applicable to each form, to help us utilize these techniques to their fullest effect.