Workshop Focus

Love and faith, death and despair, happiness and joy.  Funerals and births, weddings and partings, the diagnosis of an illness, the return of wayward child.  As fiction writers, we are drawn to life’s big moments, recognizing the rich emotional landscapes they contain.  Yet attempting to write about emotions directly inevitably leads to cliché:  pounding hearts and shaking hands, trickling tears and butterfly bellies. How do we approach, in a way that’s fresh, scenes and stories that spotlight common workings of the mind, the spirit, the human heart? This workshop for novelists and short story writers will focus on generating strategies for approaching emotion in unexpected and original ways, developing what Chekhov called “little particulars” to reflect uniquely nuanced emotional terrain.


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This workshop is available to all writers, though it is most suited for fiction writers. Once registered, writers will have the opportunity to submit up to 15 pages for Manette’s review.

About A. Manette Ansay

A. Manette Ansay is the author of a story collection, a memoir, and six novels, including Vinegar Hill, an Oprah Winfrey Book Club Selection, and Blue Water, a Lifetime Book of the Month Pick.  Her most recent novel, Good Things I Wish You, collages the historically true story of the composer and pianist Clara Schumann with the life of a contemporary woman struggling to balance the demands of motherhood and art.  Ansay is Professor of English at the University of Miami, where she is mentor to a pack of lively grad students.  In her spare time, she home-schools her ten year old, waffles between Bikram and Vinyasa-based yoga (one too brutal, the other too forgiving,) and studies for her C1-level German exam.  She is revising her seventh novel—title up for grabs—and working on a memoir about learning a second language.

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