This four-day workshop is for advanced writers who are having trouble completing a manuscript of a short story or a novel, or who aren’t satisfied with a completed draft in ether of those forms. The focus will be on revision, spurred by constructive group criticism. (It’s just as useful to recognize one’s strengths as one’s weaknesses.) Everyone will be required to read the pieces up for discussion before each session, and encouraged to write signed comments on the pages themselves. We’ll concentrate on structure, character, landscape, language, and anything else pertinent to the work at hand. I hope that we’ll also talk about the books we love and that inform our writing. The atmosphere will be friendly, lively, and democratic.


Admission into this advanced workshop with Hilma Wolitzer requires the submission of a writing sample no longer than 15 pages. Please prepare your submission as a single file in .doc format and name the .doc “WolitzerSub_YourName.doc”; you will upload the file when you register for the workshop. A $100 deposit (fully refundable) is required to register for any workshop. The full cost of the workshop is $450.

Upon admission, you will be instructed to send a copy of the work to be presented in class by November 15, 2012. Your initial writing sample submission need not be the same piece you wish to work on in class.

About Hilma Wolitzer

Hilma Wolitzer is the author of several novels, including An Available Man, Hearts, The Doctor’s Daughter, and Summer Reading. In addition to the Key West Literary Seminar, she has taught at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference and in the graduate writing programs at The University of Iowa, Columbia University, and New York University. Among her honors are Guggenheim and NEA Fellowships and an Award in Literature from The American Academy of Arts & Letters.