This workshop is for writers with significant experience of writing and reading fiction. Participants will explore the writings—short fiction or pieces of longer works—of fellow members of the workshop with an emphasis on the process of revision. Certain questions will stay on the table: How can I make this better? What are my goals? To this end, the class will explore the aesthetics of fiction in some detail, asking such questions as these: What makes a good story? To what extent should writers be aware of the writing of other writers? What techniques of revision actually pay dividends?


Note: This workshop is full. Please contact us if you wish to join the waitlist; do not make payment in the meantime. Winners of our named awards are guaranteed space in the workshop of their choice.

Admission to this workshop will be based on a writing sample: 10 double-spaced pages from a work in progress (not necessarily the piece you plan to workshop). Please prepare your submission as a single file in .doc format and name the .doc “PariniSub_YourName.doc”; you will upload the file when you register for the workshop. A $100 deposit (fully refundable) is required to register for any workshop. The full cost of the workshop is $450.

About Jay Parini

Jay Parini is is the author of more than 20 books, ranging from poetry, novels, and nonfiction to biographies as well as collections of essays. He has edited numerous books, including The Columbia Anthology, The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature, and the Norton Book of American Autobiography. His reviews and essays appear regularly in various British and American periodicals, including the Guardian, the New York Times Book Review, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Parini is a graduate of Lafayette College and the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he received a Ph.D. in 1975. He has been on the faculty at Middlebury College since 1982 and has received honorary degrees from Lafayette College and the University of Scranton. A former Guggenheim Fellow, Parini was the Fowler Hamilton Fellow at Christ Church College, Oxford University, in 1993-1994 and a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of London in 2005-2006.