This workshop will focus on how to tell a story, through scenes and elements of plotting. Though voice and certainly character will be discussed, as they are an integral part of any story, we will try to look more at what keeps a story moving. As John Irving once said, your only job as a writer is to make the reader turn the page. How do we do this? And what happens when we get stuck?


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This workshop is intended for advanced fiction writers. To be considered, please submit a maximum of ten double-spaced pages of your writing and a little something about yourself and why you wish to take this workshop. Submissions may have been previously published. Submission should be a single file in .doc format with the title “MorrisSub_YourName.doc.”

About Mary Morris

Mary Morris is the author of 14 books—six novels, three collections of short stories, and four travel memoirs. She has long been interested in mystery, crime and “the dark side” as her recent novel, Revenge, attests. Most recently she has completed a crime novel under a pseudonym and is at work on a novel about a mother who disappears. Morris’s numerous short stories and travel essays have appeared in such places as the Atlantic, Narrative, the New York Times, and Travel and Leisure. A recipient of the Rome Prize, she is currently teaching a fiction workshop on writing the dark side (murder, mayhem, and mystery) at Sarah Lawrence College.
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