Charles Simic: 2003

Reading, 2003
Charles Simic

    Charles Simic

    Current U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Simic reads and comments upon his poems “White Room,” “Mirrors at 4 a.m.,” and “The Friends of Heraclitus.” From the 2003 Key West Literary Seminar.

    From KWLS 2003: The Beautiful Changes

    This recording is available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the authors. © 2003 Charles Simic. Used with permission from Charles Simic

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    One thought on “Charles Simic: 2003

    1. Thank you. Some one mentioned you in Aspen or perhaps at Wildacres in North Carolina. Home again in Louisiana.
      I have been brought to you by forces and hints and people….I found your Black Cat on the bottom shelf at a used book store and when I read it…I did not feel alone. they only charged me 61 cents for it. Such grace so free ad abundant.

      I have written a poem about you which is really about me and only , after all, about the One .

      I do not feel alone.

      Thank you.

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