Forrest Gander: 2003

Reading, 2003
Forrest Gander

    Forrest Gander

    Forrest Gander is the author of several collections of poetry, essays, and the novel As a Friend, published by New Directions in 2008. He has translated the works of several Latin American poets including Coral Bracho and Pura Lopez-Colome, and is the editor and co-translator with Kent Johnson of two books by Bolivian poet Jaime Sáenz. In this recording from 2003, Gander reads a selection from his body of work, including an early version of “Present Tense” (its first public reading); a translation of Sáenz’s “Someone Must Be Called Twilight”; and, from the collections Science & Steepleflower and Torn Awake, “To Live Without Solace” and “To The Reader.”

    From KWLS 2003: The Beautiful Changes.

    This recording is available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the author. © 2003 Forrest Gander. Used with permission from Forrest Gander.

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