Junot Díaz: 2008

Reading, 2008
Junot Díaz

    Photo by Tayari Jones.

    Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Díaz reads “Boyfriend,” a short story from his 1997 collection, Drown.

    I should’ve been careful with the weed. Most people it just fucks up. Me, it makes me sleepwalk. And wouldn’t you know I woke up in the hallway of our building feeling my head had been been stepped on by my high school marching band. My ass would’ve been there all night if the folks in the apartment below hadn’t been having themselves a big old fight at three in the morning. I was too fried to move, at least right away. Boyfriend was trying to snake girlfriend, saying he needed space, and she was like, “Motherfucker, I will give you all the space you need.”

    From KWLS 2008: New Voices.

    This recording is available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the author.
    © 2008 Junot Díaz. Used with permission from Junot Díaz.

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    One thought on “Junot Díaz: 2008

    1. Dr. jkjackson says:

      Thanks so much for making these materials available
      Many of my students are reluctant to tackle literature
      Sharing these audio gems offers them a taste of literature in a way that invites them into the mystery and power of the written word, for their personal consumption.

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