Lee Smith: 2005

Lecture, 2005
Lee Smith

    As a bonus track, we went back to Lee’s talk from the 2005 Seminar on Humor. Smith’s tale of her high school English class re-enactment of Huckleberry Finn and Jim’s journey down the Mississippi (in a raft of their own construction which they built in a lumber yard in Paducah, Kentucky) and became outlaws, folk heroes and local media celebrities is astonishing, absurd, inspiring and altogether delightful.

    From KWLS 2005: Humor

    This recording is available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the author. © 2005 Lee Smith. Used with permission from Lee Smith.

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    4 thoughts on “Lee Smith: 2005

    1. Jeanne Shannon says:

      Loved this talk. I’m a Lee Smith fan from way back.

      In the introductory text, the name of the city in Kentucky should be spelled PADUCAH.


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