Garry Trudeau vs. Roger Rosenblatt!

Conversation, 2005
Garry Trudeau, Roger Rosenblatt

    the 2005 KWLS program cover was designed by Garry Trudeau

    Garry Trudeau and Roger Rosenblatt had been travelling together for two days when they sat down to have their scheduled conversation at the 2005 Seminar, and Trudeau kicks it off by asserting that they’re all talked out. They weren’t. The consensus was that these two should start a talk show—and they could dispense with  guests. Brilliant and hilarious.

    From KWLS 2005: Humor

    This recording is available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the author. © 2005 Garry Trudeau and Roger Rosenblatt. Used with permission from Garry Trudeau and Roger Rosenblatt.

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