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In Profile: Marlon James with Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

By Sara Johnson Allen Joshua Jelly-Schapiro's conversation with novelist Marlon James, winner of the prestigious Man Booker Award among many others, began with what he was reading. Jelly-Schapiro noted that James arrived to the San Carlos Institute auditorium with three “new” used books. James quoted Cormac McCarthy saying, “books come ...Read More

Cole, Hutchinson, and Phillips on writing “Somewhere Beyond the High C”

By Dana De Greff "We didn't have a title for our talk because we like to be free," stated writer and photographer Teju Cole at the opening of the self-proclaimed "barbershop talk" Friday morning. Along with poet and editor Ishion Hutchinson, and poet, essayist, and translator Rowan Ricardo Phillips, the three went on ...Read More

Caryl Phillips: A View of the Empire at Sunset

By April Conley Caryl Phillips read from his forthcoming novel A View of the Empire at Sunset, whose main character is based on novelist Jean Rhys. After a brief background on Rhys’s biography and history in the Caribbean as someone who spent her early life in Dominica, Philips explained that when ...Read More

Video: Jamaica Kincaid, “Let Me Appropriate You … And You Can Appropriate Me, Too”

Danticat, Dennis-Benn & Walcott-Hackshaw “Unpack Paradise”

By Ruby Blackerby Hernandez "So I'm apparently from a shit hole country," Edwidge Danticat announced in her opening remarks to Friday morning's panel, "Unpacking Paradise: Writing Honestly About People and Place." This sharp observation, a reference to President Trump's recent vulgarities about Haiti, underscored the surreal timing of this year's Key West ...Read More

Jamaica Kincaid Considers the Question of Cultural Appropriation

By Sarah Thomas Thursday evening, Jamaica Kincaid took the stage to deliver the John Hersey Memorial Address for the 36th annual Key West Literary Seminar: “Writers of the Caribbean.” Seminar president Diane Shelby welcomed guests and introduced the weekend in the spirit of “sharing the words of homelands that are not our ...Read More

Thirty-third Seminar Underway

Registrants for the 33rd annual Seminar began checking in at the San Carlos Institute on Thursday afternoon before climbing aboard trolleys for the ride to the Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center. Images of the opening night readings and concert coming soon… All photos by Nick Doll.

Light Getting in as KWLS 33 Begins

The thirty-third annual Key West Literary Seminar is underway. Check-in for those who are registered for the event takes place at the San Carlos Institute (516 Duval St.) from 1:00-5:00 pm today, Thursday, January 8, 2015. “How the Light Gets In: Literature of the Spirit” will explore literature’s relationship to …Read More