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By Kate Peters It is hard to imagine a more inspiring story to bring before high school students than the one Amy Bass tells in One Goal.   Armed with a borrowed soccer ball, Bass asked the crowd of approximately 200 high school students from Marathon and Key West, if ...Read More

Featuring: Lionel Shriver, Jane Leavy, David Maraniss, Arnold Rampersand, Billy Collins, Anelise Chen, Ben McGrath, Leanne shapton, Geoff Dyer, Michael Mewshaw, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Louisa Thomas.

By Katie Cerqua Lionel Shriver opened the first day of the Key West Literary Seminar with an analysis of western culture’s obsession and near religious devotion to exercise, creating a healthy juxtaposition to the sports-fueled topics of the day to come. Shriver conversed on a variety of issues related to ...Read More
By Nancy Klingener One of the satisfactions of sports is that there’s a decision at the end. Someone wins and someone loses. (Yes, even sports like soccer where individual games can end in a tie eventually pick a winner of a title or a tournament.) The winner gets the glory, ...Read More
By Faran Fagen Sports author Jane Leavy was once asked if Yankee great Mickey Mantle was “our guy.” The reply was, “no—he’s a guy.” Bestselling author of acclaimed books on Sandy Koufax and Babe Ruth, Leavy admired Mantle not just for his prowess on the diamond, but because he “owned ...Read More
By Shayne Benowitz The 38th annual Key West Literary Seminar kicked off Thursday evening with the John Hersey Memorial Address delivered by Geoff Dyer in a talk entitled “Introductory Report from the Head Groundsman.” He began with a zoomed out image of the planet, asking the audience to imagine a ...Read More

Photos from opening day registration and Geoff Dyer’s keynote address: “Introductory Report from the Head Groundsman.”

The 38th Annual Key West Literary Seminar, “Reading Between the Lines: Sports and Literature,” is set to begin in just a few minutes at the San Carlos Institute with the John Hersey Memorial Address by Geoff Dyer.

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