Author: Cara Cannella

The First Word Was Love; The Last, Spring

Photos by Nick Doll from the afternoon of Friday January 18, during the second session of the 2013 Key West Literary Seminar.

Tóibín Keynote Discusses Bishop & Gunn

In Colm Tóibín’s revelatory keynote address to launch Session Two of the thirty-first annual Key West Literary Seminar last night, he shared his experience of reading and identifying with the works of the English poet Thom Gunn and Elizabeth Bishop, who did much of her best work on this subtropical …Read More

Parallel Lives: Colm Tóibín on Henry James

From the moment Colm Tóibín took the stage yesterday to discuss Henry James, the subject of his 2004 historical novel The Master, the crowd that filled the San Carlos Institute auditorium was electrified. In a voice inflected by Enniscorthy in Ireland’s County Wexford, where he was born and raised, with …Read More

The Blood Sport of Biography

"I once wrote about Graham Greene, and he said 'You managed to get everything wrong. This is a horror.'"—Michael Mewshaw, author of Do I Owe You Something?, a memoir of his encounters with writers including Greene, Paul Bowles, Gore Vidal, and William Styron.