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Ben McGrath

Ben McGrath
Ben McGrath, photo by Leah Hoffmann

Ben McGrath began working at the New Yorker as a fact checker in 1999 and has been a staff writer since 2003. He has contributed more than 200 stories to the Talk of the Town, and his feature subjects have included the Tea Party movement, a Mafia trial, and various dispatches from the world of sports, including Formula 1 and Iditarod racing, the NFL’s concussion crisis, and Kobe Bryant’s contemplation of retirement. His first feature story, which appeared in 2002, explored the new look of the Professional Bowlers Association. He has covered professional Wiffle ball; the superfan known as “Marlins Man”; baseball eccentrics Lenny Dykstra, Manny Ramirez, and R.A. Dickey; and other cultural oddities of the sporting scene such as the parade of mullets on display at the Minnesota state high school hockey tournament.

McGrath’s stories have been collected in anthologies such as The Best American Sports Writing, The Best American Science Writing, Best Baseball Writing, and The Best of Technology Writing.

His first book, about an unheralded modern explorer who paddled a plastic canoe past McGrath’s house on the Hudson River and then disappeared, will be published in 2020.

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Video: McGrath discusses his article about Scott Boras, baseball agent