Brendan Greaves

Brendan Greaves, photo by Ella Andersson
Brendan Greaves, photo by Ella Andersson

Brendan Greaves is founder and owner of the record label Paradise of Bachelors, in which capacity he has closely collaborated on numerous projects with the artist and musician Terry Allen, including Pedal Steal + Four Corners, for which he earned a Grammy nomination for Best Album Notes.

A former art dealer at Philadelphia’s Fleisher/Ollman Gallery and thereafter North Carolina’s director of public art and community design, he now curates and writes about vernacular art and music in the American South and beyond, with essays published by Yale University Press, Duke University Press, and University of North Carolina Press.

Greaves studied art at Harvard University and folklore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he lives with his wife, Samantha, and son, Asa. His first book, the authorized biography Truckload of Art: The Life and Work of Terry Allen, will be released by Hachette Books on March 19, 2024.

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Truckload of Art by Brendan Greaves
Truckload of Art: The Life and Work of Terry Allen (2024)

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