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L I T T O R A L : the journal of the Key West Literary Seminar

Featuring: Megan Abbott, Amy Bass, Gish Jen, Jane Leavy, Joyce Carol Oates, Lionel Shriver, Louisa Thomas, and the Emerging Writer Award Winners Chase Burke, Chloe Firetto-Toomey, and Andrea Rinard

By Dena Rebozo The final day of Key West Literary Seminar winds down in uplifting triumph. With most of his crew mates gone and the last couple months of his own life remaining, Joe Rantz meets Daniel James Brown. Unbeknownst to Brown, Rantz rowed in front of Adolf Hitler in the ...Read More
By Sarah Thomas Leanne Shapton and Buzz Bissinger joined in a conversation that broke all preconceived notions for a panel at a literary seminar. In “Longing and Belonging: Teams, Clothes, and Desire,” Shapton questioned Bissinger about sexuality, intimacy, desire, gender identity, and sports uniforms. “I love Buzz’s writing when he ...Read More
By Shannon Korta Saturday afternoon’s literary panel tackled the topic of parents’ increasing over-involvement in their children’s sports lives for the discussion “The Case for Banning Parents.” Author Buzz Bissinger, best known for his New York Times bestseller Friday Night Lights, was joined by Ben McGrath, a staff writer for ...Read More
By Clarissa West-White I am a hypocrite. Sports are to blame. I admire many boxing greats but am no fan of boxing. I love football but not the NFL. I love the Steelers but not Big Ben. I see flaws; management barks out rules to protect some but not all, ...Read More
By Yesenia Flores Diaz To kick off day three of the 38th Annual KWLS Reading Between the Lines: Sports and Literature, Kevin Young and Arnold Rampersad discussed the history of black sportsmanship in a thought-provoking session entitled: “In Conversation: Biography and the Black Athlete.” According to Young, childhood hero Arthur ...Read More
By Chloe Firetto-Toomey Sports and poetry? The words present an inherent conflict; the mind verses the body’s endurance. “Poets are not good at sports,” says Collins, stirring a murmur of laughter from the audience at the Key West Literary Seminar on Friday. Mohamed Ali wrote poems! Who knew? Poets, often ...Read More
By Mark Hedden Much of the early conversation during the “Game. Set. Match. Write.” panel was about what most consider the two biggest guide stars in modern tennis writing – David Foster Wallace’s wide-ranging work, much of which is collected in “String Theory,” and John McPhee’s book about a single ...Read More