Another Look at “Writers on Writers”

As we leave January for the month ahead, here’s a look at some of the highlights from Session Two of “Writers on Writers.” All photos by Nick Doll unless noted.

Blake Bailey discusses the troubled lives of his subjects, John Cheever, Charles Jackson, and Richard Yates.
Taking notes…
The students of Kerri McLean’s Advanced Placement English class, Key West High School.

Geoff Dyer and Blake Bailey at a book signing.

Kate Moses and Paul Alexander discuss their shared subject, Sylvia Plath.

Claire Harmon moderates a panel with Lyndall Gordon, Paul Mariani, and Edmund White: “The Biographer as Voyeur.”
Christopher Lydon interviews Geoff Dyer.
Claire Harman delivers a talk title “Possession: How far can and should a biographer go?”
Actor John Wells delivers a monologue adapted from Rust Hills’ On Writing in General…”
A Graham Greene-inspired cocktail at the Lighthouse Dinner.
Bartender Nick Richards serves drinks to Miami Rail editor Hunter Braithwaite and Guernica editor Ed Winstead

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