Chapter One Audio Up; Final Chapter Begins

Quiet on the set. For now... Set design by Cayman Smith-Martin. Photography by Nick Doll.
Quiet on the set. For now… Set design by Cayman Smith-Martin. Photography by Nick Doll.

Three standout presentations from Chapter One of the 32nd annual Key West Literary Seminar are now available in our audio archives. In the laugh-out-loud “Florida Freak Show,” bestselling novelist and journalist Carl Hiaasen recounts his favorite Florida news items, including the suspicious disappearance of legendary Key West Fire Chief Joseph “Bum” Farto—“a character no one could have created.” Megan Abbott, Gillian Flynn, and Laura Lippman team up for “Fatal Vision: The Imprint of True-Crime Movies,” which explores the gender bias that influences how novels and films catering to women are presented in popular culture and perceived by audiences. And in “My Quest for Heroes: Voice and Voicelessness,” groundbreaking mystery writer Sara Paretsky discusses contemporary social and political issues as they relate to mystery and crime fiction.

Audio recordings can be downloaded for free or streamed directly from our audio archives. You can also subscribe to the free KWLS podcast via iTunes.

The final chapter of “The Dark Side” begins tonight at the San Carlos Institute with Elizabeth George’s keynote address and continues through Sunday. Sunday afternoon’s program is free and open to the public.

We’ll have coverage all weekend with posts here by Cara Cannella and Nick Vagnoni and photography by Nick Doll. And we’ll be abuzz and up-to-the-minute on Twitter @KeyWestLiterary as well as on Facebook. Please follow along and chime in, whether you’re here, near, or far.

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