Literary Cocktails by Rowan and Hoard

A Well Balanced Cocktail Makes the World Spin.

A delightful series of cocktails have been gracing the seminar this week that were inspired by the travels and writings of Graham Greene. Jason Rowan, of Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters and Embury Cocktails, as well as Sean Hoard, of Teardrop Lounge in Portland, Oregon, have been life-long fans of Greene and spent the year re-reading his opus to find the best descriptions of tipples. They then took that inspiration and have been crafting cocktails for the literary minded attendees for the past couple of days, with more Greene libations to come.

Reception at The Oldest House in Key West on Duval Street for the KWLS – Writers on Writers.
Cayman Smith-Martin (KWLS Set Designer), Jolly Benson (Lights), Marky Pierson, and volunteer extraordinaire Cara Cannella.
Fallen Idol: Jameson, Campari, sweet vermouth, Brooklyn Hemispherical Rosemary Bitters, salt and soda cocktail was a favorite of seminar attendees.
Shaun, Laurel, and Jason at the Oldest House reception.

Ian Rowan and Arlo Haskell, staff of the Seminar and devastatingly good looking young men.
Aunt Augusta: Beefeater 24, Lemon, Honey, Calamondin Preserves, sparkling wine.
Miles Frieden, Executive Director of the KWLS.
Arlo Haskell with Leanne and Delois.

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