Day Two in Pictures

All photos on this page by Nick Doll.

Greetings from Raphael Peñalver, president of the San Carlos Institute.
Welcome from Michael Blades, program chair for “Reading Between the Lines.”
Jane Leavy, David Maraniss, and Arnold Rampersad, moderated by Kate Tuttle: “Sports Biography: From (What Mickey Mantle Called) ‘That Jack Armstrong Shit’ to Men and Women in Full”
Lionel Shriver: “The Cult of Exercise”


Lionel Shriver: “The Cult of Exercise”
Billy Collins: “Sports Poems: An Oxymoron?”
Leanne Shapton
Anelise Chen, Leanne Shapton, and Ben McGrath, moderated by Kate Tuttle: “The Art of Losing.”
Anelise Chen
Ben McGrath
Geoff Dyer, Michael Mewshaw, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Louisa Thomas: “Game. Set. Match. Write.”
Louisa Thomas
Rowan Ricardo Phillips

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