Day Two of Chapter One: The Dark Side

Scott Turow: "Writers write. They don't sit in barrooms with other writers, they don't talk about what they're going to write. They write." Photo by Nick Doll.
Scott Turow: “Writers write. They don’t sit in barrooms with other writers, they don’t talk about what they’re going to write. They write.” Photo by Nick Doll.
Gillian Flynn: “Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.” Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS - Afternoon Group--11
Attica Locke: “Books teach us how to say goodbye. You learn to love these people and let them go, and you also flex the muscle that’s accepting of contradiction. You get a sense that, in life, we’re not always going to get the right answers or experience a sense of justice. It grows us up.” Photo by Nick Doll.
Dare Me author Megan Abbott poses a question from the audience to Gillian Flynn. Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS- OatesSantlofer--2
Joyce Carol Oates and Jonathan Santlofer on Literature, Shadows, and the Dark Side of Life. Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS - Afternoon Group--17
Joseph Kanon: “What really interests me are those decisions where there isn’t one right thing to do. Maybe there are only bad choices.” Photo by Nick Doll.

KWLS - Afternoon Group--16
Stephen L. Carter is a law professor at Yale, and his most recent book is The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln. He was joined by Attica Locke and Joseph Kanon in conversation about The Moral Impulse in a Shadowy World. Photo by Nick Doll.

KWLS - Gibson Gleick--13
Beyond Genre: William Gibson and James Gleick. Photo by Nick Doll.

KWLS - Gibson Gleick--6
Billy Collins returns to KWLS this year to share the dark side of his poetry. Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS - Afternoon Random--11
KWLS photographer Nick Doll snaps a selfie with author James W. Hall. Going Dark is the latest of his eighteen novels. Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS - Afternoon Random--8
Light streaming through the lobby of the historic San Carlos Institute, the longtime venue for KWLS. Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS - Afternoon Random--4
Raquel Roque at the Books & Books pop-up store at the San Carlos. Photo by Nick Doll.
Joyce Carol Oates. Photo by Nick Doll.
Joyce Carol Oates, Sara Paretsky, and Scott Turow signing books. Photo by Nick Doll.
Sara Paretsky and Joyce Carol Oates signing books for their fans.
KWLS- Group sm--17
In a conversation with Sara Paretsky and John Sandford, Megan Abbott and John Katzenbach (pictured here) discuss the idea, “Crime Writers are not psychotic. They’re just like you.” Photo by Nick Doll.
KWLS- Group sm--12
John Sandford, author of thirty-two novels including Prey and Virgil Flowers. Photo by Nick Doll.

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