Elephants, Apes, Chickens

Last Saturday, Sara Gruen (above) read from her novel Water for Elephants and then wrapped up her reading by briefly discussing her upcoming novel, Ape House, which deals with a family of language-capable bonobo apes. Such primates do exist, Sara told us, and they communicate by way of a specialized computer. I bring this up because last week The Key West Citizen ran a letter from Katha Sheehan, proprietor of The Chicken Store, in which Sheehan expresses similar hopes for chickens. Sheehan writes: “I intend to introduce chickens (and other animals) to technology.” She concludes: “My prediction is this: By Jan. 1, 2050, animals will be buying and selling stuff on eBay. Be there.”

(If the Citizen link expires, the letter is also available on The Green Parrot Bar No Sniveling Zone.)

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