Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but they say nice things anyway

“I guess I liked this morning [Saturday] the best. Aimee Bender’s reading was great. And Wally Lamb . . . the creepy janitor in that story — I know that guy.”
Bob Muens, bookbinder, KWLS board member, and Wondrous Strange co-chair
“I’ve really enjoyed the panel discussions, even though they wander around. The wandering is the best part.”
Kelly Lavin, Sarasota, Florida
“I love the James Tate pop ups. He gave me an ab workout from laughing.”
Kathy Kilroy, Key Wester and fitness queen
“What’s my favorite part? That’s too hard. Maybe all the questions and the conversations. Joyce Carol Oates and Ian McEwen, Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt . . .”
Susan Rice, from outside of Philadelphia

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