Photos from Session One

Photos from Session One

Here’s a selection of photos from Session One of the 27th annual Key West Literary Seminar. See more– by photographers Curt Richter, Oliver Parini, Michael Blades, and Nick Vagnoni– and upload your own photos on our facebook page.

Gore Vidal and Jay Parini onstage for the John Malcolm Brinnin Memorial Event. Photo by Oliver Parini.

This year’s stage was designed by Michael Boyer with portrait painter Elionora Hinds. Photo by Curt Richter.

In the crowd for Gore Vidal. Faces, left to right, include Peter, Marc Mewshaw, Mike Mewshaw, Linda Mewshaw, Donald Stewart, Luisa Stewart, Peter Matthiessen, Marie Chaix, Harry Mathews, Lincoln Perry. Photo by Michael Blades.

At the Sunday conch chowder luncheon in the garden of the Oldest House: Allan Gurganus, John Wray, Sarah Sarchin. Photo by Curt Richter.

Fabian Bouthillette and Oliver Parini at the lighthouse dinner Friday evening. Photo by Curt Richter.

Barry Unsworth, Peter Ho Davies, Sena Jeter Naslund, Megan Marshall, Michael Meeropol, and Patricia O’Toole take part in a panel discussion entitled "Historians and Novelists: What’s Your Take?" on Saturday. Photo by Curt Richter.

Gore Vidal and Peter Matthiessen. Photo by Michael Blades.

In front of the San Carlos Institute, our home each January since 1992. Photo by Curt Richter.

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